Research & Evaluation

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RESPONSE:  All items under the Clinical Mental Health Standards will be addressed by a Standards Tableand Standards Matrix The Standards Table is a list of what standard is particularly addressed in what course.   The Standards Matrix has the specific standards down the vertical axis for reference and an individual list of syllabi across the horizontal axis for reference.  An X is used to mark the spot on the matrix where the Standard is addressed by a specific course.  By hovering on the specific X you will see what specific SLOs are used in this course to address this standard.  The listed syllabi on the horizontal axis and the listed standards on the vertical axis are hyperlinked to the appropriate document showing the details of these items.

                                Standards Table and Standards Matrix

I. Knowledge

1. Understands how to critically evaluate research relevant to the practice of clinical mental health counseling.

2. Knows models of program evaluation for clinical mental health programs.

3. Knows evidence-based treatments and basic strategies for evaluating counseling outcomes in clinical mental health counseling.

J. Skills and Practices

1. Applies relevant research findings to inform the practice of clinical mental health counseling.

2. Develops measurable outcomes for clinical mental health counseling programs, interventions, and treatments.

3. Analyzes and uses data to increase the effectiveness of clinical mental health counseling interventions and programs.