Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Students who are preparing to work as clinical mental health counselors will demonstrate the professional knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to address a wide variety of circumstances within the clinical mental health counseling context. In addition to the common core curricular experiences outlined in Section II.G, programs must provide evidence that student learning has occurred in the following domains: See Domains at left

To the left of this description you will find links that are headers for different sections of this Standard.  You may click on these links to take you to that section of our narrative report on how we are addressing the issues identified in that section of the Standard.  You may also click on the link labeled Summary if you want to see the narrative response to the whole standard in one place.  We appreciate having the opportunity to share how we are addressing the CACREP Standards and how we are approaching making excellence a fundamental goal of our programs in both School and Mental Health Counseling.  We hope we have identified how we have used the accreditation process to facilitate both a self-assessment and a stakeholder assessment of how we have met these Standards and to indicate how we plan to use this process as part of our ongoing commitment to educational quality.  Our goal is to maintain a program that ensures students have a strong professional identity as counselors and that they have all the knowledge and skills they will need to be effective as counselors.  We thank you for your review and for any feedback we may receive.