NCATE Overview


The College of Education and the Eastern Kentucky University Professional Education Unit welcomes the NCATE Continuing-Accreditation Team and the EPSB State Board of Examiners to the Eastern Kentucky University campus. We are delighted to be engaged in this self-study of our highly successful professional education unit. Our focus has always been on providing an environment that encourages excellence. We are proud of our accomplishments and seek to continue to improve on our success by providing the rigorous educational opportunities and experiences that meet the needs of our region and state as well as a changing nation and world.

Your visit will assist us in our mission to maintain high quality educational programs. We invite your insights and comments, and by doing so, it is our hope that the College and the Professional Education Unit will continue to improve on its responsibility to prepare educators with knowledge, pedagogical skills, dispositions, technology, and relevant diversity proficiency that are based upon our conceptual framework and aligned with teaching standards.

Again, on behalf of our entire University and the Professional Education Unit, we wish to welcome you to our campus.