CF - Assessment System

Professional Education Continuous Assessment Plan Overview

The Current Professional Education Continuous Assessment Plan (PECAP) at Eastern Kentucky University was designed to monitor candidates and other professional educators, both initial and advanced, as they progress through their performance-based programs. Monitoring is achieved through ongoing assessment of the content knowledge, pedagogical and other professional knowledge and skills, the use of technology and the dispositions of the candidates, throughout their enrollment at EKU, to include behaviors indicating the belief that All children can learn. The expectations of candidates with respect to their content knowledge, pedagogical and technological skills, dispositions, and demonstrated belief in the value of diversity, are based upon the EKU Goals, the Conceptual Framework for Professional Education Programs, the Standards of Accrediting agencies, Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs), and the standards approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. This assessment process will ensure that program completers have met all program standards.

Relationship to the Professional Education Conceptual Framework

The five major elements of the EKU Professional EducationConceptual Framework,Knowledge, Pedagogical Skills, Dispositions, Technology, and Diversity, are based upon and are aligned with Kentucky's Teaching Standards, the EPSB and COE standards, and support the Institutional Goals found in the Strategic Plan of the University, (The standards and goals addressed are indicated under each element) and the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan theme that states that EKU will develop informed, critical and creative thinkers who communicate effectively. Students progressing through a professional education program at Eastern Kentucky University encounter numerous opportunities for inquiry, analysis, and reflection as they strive to become more effective professional educators. The candidates, performance and the overall effectiveness of each program are assessed during regular reviews of progress across each element of the conceptual framework. For candidates this is an on-going process in each course as well as at each gate in their preparation program. For Unit Assessments this is an annual process.